I knew it! I knew Gabriel was in love. And secretly, I had my doubts that it was with Beelzebub, just because when Gabriel was an angel, they looked weird together. This mystery, no matter how subtly addressed, was satisfyingly resolved for me. Our boys have a tough situation ahead.

Setting the stage for the Good Omens Season Finale

First of all, hats off to the Good Omens team for bringing something more than commendable in this season finale. Those who go crazy about such things must be truly crazy because they will really go crazy. If they hadn’t already written it, they would have written how it behaved with the apocalypse. In addition to that, all the LGBTQ+ folks might dislike all LGBTQ+ characters. But the affair between a big demon and a duke from hell, that’s Anne Rice-level erotica nonsense. Congratulations.

But before the big revelation, there were also several small revelations. While Anathema, Newt, and Shadwell manage to stop the hellish mob with fire extinguishing machines in large numbers, Crowley and Aziraphale run the detective campaign. Aziraphale doesn’t have the necessary files to unlock Crowley, but he seemingly has them. Heaven never changes its password. Anyone who has undergone security training in a major corporation should know that he invented the anti-phishing protocol. However, dual verification might be celestial.

Crowley finds out that Gabriel wasn’t feeling the latest Armageddon plan. “It’s a no,” he says. We still don’t know why, but it’s enough to smear Gabriel’s name. He agrees almost happily to be erased as a demon, but he realizes he’s just being promoted. Instead of going through promotion, he stores his memories in a matchbook and then plummets naked onto the earth. Not sure why nudity was essential for the plan, but thanks anyway. Crowley sees that Gabriel has left something in the big box he came with, so he comes back to earth to see what’s inside. The entire heavenly choir follows suit.

It’s good that Heaven is coming to Earth because Hell is coming up. In the defense of their human friends, Aziraphale agrees to work with “forces for the establishment,” which is probably counted as waging a war against Hell. The fire extinguishing machines worked for a while (and watching demons double dare physical challenge was fun), but desperate times called for desperate measures. Thanks to Crowley, they figure out how to locate Heaven and Hell on the system level.

Crowley finds out that Gabriel has left a note for him on the big empty box. “I’m flying away,” he says. Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, is capable of finding a fly in Aziraphale’s bookshop. And as they sink into Jim’s puppet (scale), we learn about Gabriel’s movements on this path.

Now, the third romance of this season. Gabriel and Beelzebub are okay with their “arrangement” in Edinburgh: no more attempts to stabilize Asquith. They also enjoy singing “Everyday” together. It becomes their song, and the moment is so sweet that I paused to clap like a fool.

Gabriel and Beelzebub quickly figure out each other’s feelings compared to Crowley and Aziraphale. But going up the hill for someone else is always easy, you know? They make a decision to go towards a nebula, and that’s it. Beelzebub leaves a void in hell and heads towards heaven, so Shakespeare is happy. And Gabriel’s void, he’s TVD.

Oh, PS: Metatron is here. Derek Jacobi is an ideal archangel, so learn and know firmly. Besides, I think he’s the oldest person to order an oat-milk latte. Once when Heaven and Hell went to their respective sides of the playground, Metatron’s interaction with Beelzebub quickly turned into mingling. This is the time to feel everything you’re feeling, Crowley! Or is it?

Remember when I said nothing could be more final than Aziraphale getting the Paris job? Well, she’s getting a job that will send her to Paris. Metatron wants her to become a new HAIC in heaven and is ready to make a deal to turn Crowley into an angel again. Poor dummy, he’s excited about this great plan that lets him have his cake and eat it too. However, Crowley is not buying. While he didn’t fall that low, he does have something like heaven. And that’s fair! This season made heaven worse than the previous one, which was about organized religion’s capricious nature of good and evil. Crowley wants to stay where there’s booze, cigarettes, and kissing. Aziraphale wants something different. It’s like breaking up with classic conservative vs. progressive debate that breaks many a couple.

We get a big kiss between our friends, but it feels rushed. And sad. In truth, the entire ‘will-they-won’t-they’ section of the finale feels like a sequel hook and is not self-contained. It feels (and I say this in the most derogatory way possible) like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Always be eager for the next thing, never let something stand on its own. Metatron leaves the second name here (probably a main plot engine for season three

Q1: Who is Gabriel, and what was the big revelation about him in the season finale?

A1: Gabriel is an angel in Good Omens. The shocking revelation that his love interest was Beelzebub, a demon from Hell, came as the show’s climax when we realised that he was in love.

Q2: How did Crowley and Aziraphale help during the apocalypse in the finale?

A2: While others dealt with the hellish mob, Crowley and Aziraphale acted as detectives. They found a way to protect their human friends by locating Heaven and Hell on a system level.

Q3: What happened when Gabriel rejected the latest Armageddon plan?

A3: When Gabriel said “no” to the plan, Crowley used this information to harm his reputation. Surprisingly, Gabriel got promoted instead of being punished.

Q4: How did the relationship between Gabriel and Beelzebub develop throughout the season?

A4: Gabriel and Beelzebub had a unique “arrangement” in Edinburgh. They shared a sweet moment singing together and decided to leave their realms for a new journey.

Q5: What dilemma did Crowley face when offered to become an angel again by Metatron?

A5: Crowley was tempted but chose to stay on Earth. He loves his freedom and enjoys earthly pleasures like booze, cigarettes, and kissing.

Q6: How did the season finale’s ending make viewers feel?

A6: The ending left viewers with mixed feelings. There was a bittersweet moment between Crowley and Aziraphale, and the unresolved “will-they-won’t-they” aspect left us eager for more, like in Marvel movies.

Q7: Is there a third season of Good Omens confirmed?

A7: As of now, there’s no official confirmation about a third season. We’ll have to wait for updates from the creators and production team.

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